Giving Yourself A Score For Symptoms and Severity

Why we chose this test

This is a list of 72 ME symptoms taken from Carruthers et al.
Your selections come together into a single score which estimates your condition. Later on, when we have obtained more funding, we are hoping to divide the results into symptoms clusters to enable us to perhaps identify whether certain treatments work better on certain symptoms clusters.

Examples of questions in test

You can find a full copy of the Symptoms and Severity Form on  ‘My Record – Symptoms and Severity ‘ when you are logged in and an excerpt below to give you an idea.

Screen shot Symptoms and Severity Questionnaire


An example of a personal progress graph

(to follow)

Symptoms and severity graph


Graph to show how symptoms and their severity changed during three different treatments


This is a big form – which you must complete in one go – but each question can be answered by selecting one of four simple options.

More information


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