Neuropsychological Tests

Why we chose this test

These tests are taken from standard psychology tests which are validated for use in such illnesses as MS etc. Joan Crawford (Liverpool Neuro Support), after working with pwME for several years, has chosen the particular tests which best illustrate pwME’s difficulties.

Examples of graphs generated


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These will need to be carried out by a healthcare professional. We are hoping to build a list of professionals willing to carry these out for you. Please read ‘More information’ for list of current professionals.

When you have identified a professional to carry these out for you, please ask them to include and give you percentile scores for the following tests which we believe best reflect the difficulties experienced by people with ME

  • STROOP test 1) Word 2) Colour  3) Colour- Word
  • PASAT 1) 3 second test  2) 2 second test
  • MEMORY  1) Selective Reminding Test  2) Free Recall after 30 minutes
  • PURDUE PEGBOARD 1) dominant hand  2) non-dominant hand  3) both hands  4) Assembly task
  • FINGER TAPPING TEST 1) dominant hand  2) non dominant hand

They will also need to give you a score

  • EXPECTED PERFORMANCE  = lowest  + highest

More information


If you would like to contact us with ideas or suggestions, please use the form on our contact page.