Tests under consideration

The following tests are currently being considered – let us know your feelings about them!


Mitochondrial Functioning Test

We are currently reviewing this test (ATP profile)

Nagalase Test

Again we are currently reviewing this test as we sent in healthy controls to ELN and they came out as being as bad as, if not worse than, people with ME. However, we also sent in the same blood on separate occasions and the result was the same/consistent. Also, we have noticed that the level of Nagalase for patients on gcmaf does decrease with treatment. Perhaps people with ME’s Nagalase levels stay the same no matter if they are fighting an infection, and healthy controls’ Nagalase levels fluctuate according to whether they are fighting a virus at the time of blood being drawn, but were all 5 of our healthy controls fighting an infection on the day of the blood test?


Stair Test

To capture post exertional malaise?

Cortisol levels

(suggested by Dr Bansal)

Modified Rhomberg

(suggested by Malcolm Hooper)

Focusing Vision Test

(suggested by Dr Weir)




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