Items for purchase to help you record your data

These are some items that we have found useful and accurate in recording data.

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Measuring Devices

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

automatic blood pressure monitorAutomatic, records time and date as well as blood pressure and pulse
Easy to read
Can store up to 40 readings to upload to MESH later
Buy through Amazon

Mobile Phone Apps

Heart Rate (Azumio)
Heart rate appThis mobile phone app accurately measures your heart rate. We have tested it on iPhone5 and some Androids. You simply place your finger over the camera lense and it records your heart rate automatically! A free version is available, but you will need the premium version to save all your readings in a list for you to consult later.

Visit Azumio for more details

Health Trackers

Basis Health Tracker
Basis health tracker
Visit Basis for more details

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